We are putting a collection together for our new NW Neon Museum. We are looking for vintage, old, antique items (pre 1960's) that "use" neon. This includes Neon glass sign displays (Stewart Warner "Write-It-Urself" glass signs), interchangeable neon signs (Neo-Neon / NeoNeon), medical quackery devices, salesman samples/ display cases, 1970’s and 1980’s neon electronics (Neon radios / telephones / speakers / TVs), other very old rare neon stuff, vintage neon production plant stuff and classic glass (bent and unbent)and old electrodes and other non-standard neon signs! Looking for anything made by “Neoneon” / Neo Neon” / “Neco Manufacturing Co” / “Manueneon” and vintage items labeled “Wireless Electronic Displays”. Also looking for clear / see-thru / translucent / Lucite consumer electronics made by Dapy / Loy's (Loys) / Cicena / Spartan Electronics. All of these electronics have clear plastic cases which allow you to see the inside of the item. These electronic items are from France, made in the 1980's. If you have other neons consumer electronics you're welcome to send me a photo of it. If you know it is rare we’re probably interested in them. I will even buy them if they don't work or are broken.Please look at all my posted photos and if anything is exact or close to the items photos, please contact me. I will pay a minimum of $100 for anything in the photos. Will pay $100 to $1,000+ for the right item or items! Note: If you have a Dapy Neon Clear Wurlitzer Full Size Juke Box Jukebox, please contact me. I will pay a very good price (above market value)! I will ship it from anywhere in the world! I'm a private collector putting a collection together for the new NW Neon Museum display. Will travel and pickup anywhere in the country or will pay for shipping. Please send me a photo of photos of the items you have. If you do not have access to a camera or a photos of your items, please feel free to call me. Call (425) 231-7268 Bob or Email: bob@gasworksfactory.com